The Authors 

Samantha Pascarella

Samantha is primarily an illustrator; this is her first novel collaboration. A member of SCBWI, she is invested in telling a good story.

A graduate of USIU School of Performing and Visual Arts, her professional life includes four years in theatrical scenics for the San Diego Opera, multiple freelance art commissions including eight years with SD Unified School District (in-house educational publications).

After 16 years as a Literature and Art teacher, the time has come to tell the story.

Risë Logsdon

Risë has had a life long affinity for reading and writing since she was old enough to read. A Navy wife of thirty years, she and her husband live in South Carolina close to her son and three of her grands.

She enjoys visiting her daughter’s Air Force family, both in and out of the country. Creating greeting cards, quilting, gardening, and writing with Sam keeps her busy.

The Faery Wood: the Ancestor, the Wood, the Vendetta, is the result of a collaboration with Sam that started over twenty years ago, and included an 18 year hiatus.
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